Monday, October 31, 2011

Merry Mailbox

Welcome to the Merry Mailbox blog! My fascination with mail began at a young age, back when there was no option of email. Every summer I attended a different ballet program and made many new friends. I always made a point to get their addresses and then write to my friends throughout the year. This became an enjoyable pastime and thrilling when I would receive a letter back.

These days, I'm grateful that I have the option of emailing and texting, but there's something special about a letter that's been written and sent through the mail. I still get excited whenever I hear the mailman come, just as I did many years ago. I smile when I see that little mail truck parked on the street because it just might contain a letter or other surprise just for me.

Through this blog I'll be sharing my favorite letter writing resources, tips, creations and products. My hope is that you'll walk away inspired to write a letter of your own and send it someone special. May your days be merry all year long!


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